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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Weapon Charge: 7 seconds

Radiant Cross

The Radiant Cross is a purify weapon in VHS.

Beam an awe-inspiring divine light that purifies any monster in its path. Extends in a cone out to 7 meters in front of you, pure and simple.

The Radiant Cross is strong against:

Radiant Cross Mods

Angelic Fury

+ If the monster is Wounded by the Radiant Cross, the Banished duration is increased by 25%.

- If the monster is Stunned by the Radiant Cross, the Stunned duration is decreased by 50%.

Divine Light

+ The Radiant Cross consumes 25% less energy when used.

- The Radiant Cross takes an additional 0.2 seconds to begin firing.

Hallowed Ground

+ The maximum attack range of the Radiant Cross is increased by 20%.

- You can no longer move while using the Radiant Cross.


+ The crafting time of the Radiant Cross is reduced by 10%.

- The Radiant Cross can only be crafted in a match after the monster has already been wounded by the Purify stigma.

Saving Grace

If you are injured by the monster while firing the Radiant Cross, any loss of Life will be prevented and the weapon will be destroyed.

Radiant Cross Unlockable Skins

Coven Killer




Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9


Post Apocalyptic

Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Radiant Cross Store Skins