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VHS Closed Beta Returns

May 27, 2022

After an extended hiatus to perform security and performance upgrades, VHS is back!

VHS is now titled Video Horror Society and has migrated to Steam and the Epic Games Store, retiring the previous launcher.

If you previously had beta access you will be emailed a key to redeem and download on Steam. This may take a few days.

If you didn't get into the closed beta there is no longer any way to join — you'll have to wait until the game moves into Early Access.

This update comes with a huge list of gameplay changes. We'll summarize some of the most important changes and things you need to know. The full patch notes are available here.

  • Added the Super Rift mechanic. After the Rift is captured by either side, if no monster hits or weapon strikes occur until the spawning of the next Rift, then a Super Rift will occur instead. If the teens capture the Super Rift, they will deal a random stigma Wound to the monster. If the monster captures the Super Rift, they will become Enraged and gain vision of teen auras for a longer duration than a normal Rift.
  • Changed the audio spatialization algorithm to mix in direct path in addition to portalled path streams to improve positional tracking of sound sources.
  • Teens are now be able to see the icon of which weapon other teens are crafting on their player card.
  • Teens now see the aura of medkit stations within 6 meters while injured.
  • Chompie Bars now provide the Fed status that gradually restores life over 8 seconds rather than instantly. This life recovery can be interrupted by monster attacks.
  • The first dead Spectral to ping the Lockbox will now get a 500 Grit point bonus and the Lockbox aura will become visible to all teen players for the remainder of the match.
  • Born Tough is now only active for the first 180 seconds of a match.
  • Added a new icon that plays when a teen is being chased by a Doll vs being chased by the Doll Master.

Disconnect Penalties Now Live

January 28, 2022

Version 0.62514 is now available.

The main takeaway from this update is that dodge and disconnect penalties are now in game. Leaving a full lobby, or leaving a game currently in progress, will prevent you from searching for a new game for a short time. This penalty increases if more disconnects occur.

If you are dead in a match, you can leave without penalty, regardless of whether the Book of the Dead has been used or not.

  • Players will now receive matchmaking lockout penalties if they leave lobbies or abandon games. These will increase in severity for repeat offenses.
  • When a user blocks a player the blocked player will now be represented by the date they were blocked, rather than their name. This prevents the block feature from being used to bypass a player's privacy settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the cloth physics on the Fire Bomb weapon would sometimes behave erratically while holstered.
  • Fixed some missing collision from the top shelves of furniture in the Hotel library.

VHS Playable Teens

Brett Champion
Faith Healer
Gloria Leader
Jess Assassin
Leo Rebel

VHS Playable Monsters

W.A.R.T Adaptive
Werewolf Aggressive
Doll Master Map Controller