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Craft Time: 27 seconds

Weapon Charge: 7 seconds


The Enigma is a curse weapon in VHS.

Harness the darkness with the mysterious relic that can absorb energy while the monster's Tension Track is heard. Energy is absorbed even faster when the monster is in direct line of sight.

When fully energized, shoot a punishing beam of torment up to 12 meters away that curses the monster.

The Enigma is weak against:

Enigma Tips

The Enigma can't charge off of Doll Master's body while he's possessing a doll.

Enigma Mods

Dead Silent

+ While absorbing energy, the noise the Enigma makes is reduced by 50%.

- The Enigma takes 20% longer to energize.

Death Wish

+ The Enigma maximum beam range is increased by 20%.

- The Enigma takes 0.25 seconds longer to begin firing.

Renewed Hope

+ The Enigma will no longer be destroyed when it runs out of power and can then be re-energized.

- The Enigma takes an additional 20% longer to craft.

Blood Offering

When you are not at Critical Health and the Enigma is unenergized, it will passively gain up to 50% of the needed energy and you will lose 1% of your base Life per second.

This effect will pause while the Enigma is absorbing energy from the monster.

Demonic Pact

+ The Enigma consumes 25% less energy when firing and crafts 15% faster.

- While charging the Enigma your aura is revealed to the monster.

Enigma Unlockable Skins

Baudelaire's Deception




Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9



Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Enigma Store Skins