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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Weapon Charge: 9.5 seconds


The Flamethrower is a burn weapon in VHS.

Shoots a scalding steam of flames up to 9 meters away to burn the monster.

The Flamethrower is strong against:
The Flamethrower is weak against:

Flamethrower Tips

W.A.R.T. can leap through the flames and hit you.

The range of Werewolf's Howl is larger than the flamethrower, making it a difficult weapon to use against them.

Flamethrower Mods

Flare Up

After firing the Flamethrower for 0.5 seconds and for 2.75 seconds afterwards, your aura will be shown to the monster and other teens.

Under Pressure

+ The maximum range of the Flamethrower is increased by 20%.

- When firing, the Flamethrower stream takes 0.2 seconds longer to start.

On Fumes

+ While injured, the Flamethrower's remaining energy replenishes by 0.8% every second.

- The Flamethrower consumes 60% more energy when used.

Cheap Fuel

+ The crafting time of the Flamethrower is reduced by 15%.

- The Flamethrower can only be crafted in a match after the monster has already been wounded by the Burn stigma.

Burn Out

+ Burn damage dealt by the Flamethrower will now reduce the monster's rage meter by 10% per second.

- The Flamethrower takes an additional 20% longer to craft.

Flamethrower Unlockable Skins




Clean Sweep

Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9


Burnt Hair

Unlocked at level 14

Purple flame

Forest Fire

Unlocked at level 20

Green flame

Flamethrower Store Skins

SpectraPlasmic Goo Gun


Ultrafan Founder's Pack Exclusive



Unknown effect