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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Battery Life: Up to 55 seconds

RC Flyer

The RC Flyer is a shock weapon in VHS.

Deal damage from a distance! Fly your RC Flyer with the remote control and shock the monster up to 8 meters away. The batteries will drain while in flight and drain faster while firing.

The RC Flyer can be destroyed by a monster's attack.

The RC Flyer is strong against:
The RC Flyer is weak against:

RC Flyer Mods

Staying Power

+ The weapon is no longer lost if the RC Flyer is destroyed by the monster, but instead loses 25% of its charge.

- The speed at which the RC Flyer flies when not firing is reduced by 10%.

Engine Amp

+ The speed at which the RC Flyer flies when not firing is increased by 10%.

- The RC Flyer consumes 20% more energy from flight.

Long Shot

+ Increases the maximum range of the RC Flyer beam by 2 meters.

- You gain the Exposed status when the RC Flyer is within 15 meters of you.

Sensor Array

+ While flying the RC Flyer you will be able to see the aura of teens within 24 meters of you.

- The RC Flyer takes an additional 1 second to deploy.

All Or Nothing

+ The RC Flyer now consumes 35% less energy from flight.

- All weapon charge will be lost if you choose to dismiss the RC Flyer.

RC Flyer Unlockable Skins

Red Rising




Unlocked at level 5

Plays the US national anthem


Unlocked at level 9


Stop The Press

Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


RC Flyer Store Skins

Flying Saucer

960 18,000

Retro UFO sounds