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Craft Time: 35 seconds

Weapon Ammunition: 1 bottle

Fire Bomb

The Fire Bomb is a burn weapon in VHS.

Take aim and launch this volatile cocktail that explodes on impact. The flaming debris spreads up to 3.2 meters away, burning any monster in its radius.

The Fire Bomb is strong against:
The Fire Bomb is weak against:

Fire Bomb Tips

If you're using the Bottled Up mod (two bottles instead of one), be aware that a W.A.R.T will often use its Acid Armor to absorb the first thrown fire bomb. This'll remove your weapon!

Fire Bomb Mods

Bottled Up

+ You now create 1 additional Fire Bomb when crafted.

- The crafting time of the Fire Bomb is increased by 40%.

To The Brim

+ The Fire Bomb flames burn for 25% longer.

- The distance the Fire Bomb can be thrown is reduced by 25%.

Hot Foot

+ Teens that enter the flames of your Fire Bomb will gain a 25% speed boost for the next 2 seconds.

- The Fire Bomb flames burn out 25% sooner.

Lasting Burns

+ If the monster escapes from damage dealt by your Fire Bomb they will be slowed by 30% for 3 seconds.

- The Fire Bomb takes an additional 0.15 seconds to be ready to throw.

All In The Wrist

The Fire Bomb now bounces a single time when hitting a surface before exploding.

Fire Bomb Unlockable Skins

Rebel Rouser



Hot Sauce

Unlocked at level 5


Maple Syrup

Unlocked at level 9



Unlocked at level 14

Sparkly fire

Maximum Mayhem

Unlocked at level 20


Fire Bomb Store Skins

The Big Boom

720 14,400

Green nuke detonation effect