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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Weapon Charge: 8.5 seconds

Solar Flare

The Solar Flare is a burn weapon in VHS.

Deploys a solar powered sentry with an attack range of up to 8.2 meters. When directed, the sentry will shoot a beam of energy that inflicts damage to a monster in range.

The weapon will lose charge while fired or while the sentry has sight of the monster.

Solar Flare Tips

The Solar Flare works best as a zoning and defense tool.

Use it to force monsters to take alternate routes, or to keep other teens safe while crafting or healing.

Solar Flare Mods

Jewel Polish

+ The energy consumed when firing the Solar Flare is decreased by 25%.

- The Solar Flare takes an additional 15% longer to craft.

Blazing Sentry

+ The monster gains the Exposed status while visible to the sentry.

- The time needed to summon a sentry is increased by 25%.

Dancing Spark

Once summoned, the Solar Flare sentry will slowly move forward until it collides with a solid obstacle.

Solar Revelation

While channeling the Solar Flare you will becoming immobile and your viewpoint will change to the perspective of the summoned sentry.

Flame Charmer

+ You may summon up to 2 sentries at once.

- The energy consumed when firing the Solar Flare is increased by 50%.

Solar Flare Unlockable Skins

Sky Scorcher




Unlocked at level 5


Spare Parts

Unlocked at level 9



Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Solar Flare Store Skins