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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Weapon Ammunition: 28 shots


The Raygun is a shock weapon in VHS.

Point, shoot, and shock the monster with this rapid fire cosmic classic. Shock the monster with energy bolts that travel up to 40 meters.

Raygun Mods

Light It Up

+ Raygun shots that hit the monster will now reveal the monster's aura to all teens for 1.5 seconds.

- The ammo of the Raygun is reduced by 12%.

Burst Energy

+ Each Raygun shot that damages the monster will also restore 0.75% of the teen's total base life.

- The Raygun's maximum projectile range is reduced by 75%.

Forked Shot

+ When fired, the Raygun will now launch 3 shots in a forked formation.

- The Raygun takes an additional 0.2 seconds to begin firing.

Stunning Victory

+ The crafting time of the Raygun is reduced by 15%.

- The Raygun can only be crafted in a match after the monster has already been wounded by the Shock stigma.

Trick Shot

+ The Raygun's projectiles now bounce off of the first surface they hit.

- The crafting time required to build the Raygun is increased by 20%.

Raygun Unlockable Skins

Zapper 2000



Mega Jolt

Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9


This Is Not A Drill

Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Raygun Store Skins