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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Weapon Ammunition: 10 swings

Cursed Sword

The Cursed Sword is a curse weapon in VHS.

Swing this supernatural blade to release its demonic curse. The dark energy lingers to torment any monster in its wake for 1.5 seconds.

Cursed Sword Mods

Sword Smith

+ The Cursed Sword can now be swung 3 additional times before it expires.

- The Cursed Sword takes 25% longer to craft.

Mighty Swings

+ The damaging wake of a Cursed Sword slash will last 15% longer.

- The Cursed Sword will take 20% longer to perform each swing.

Gale Force

+ Your allies that enter the wake of a Cursed Sword slash will gain a movement speed boost of 30% for 2 seconds.

- The wake of a Cursed Sword slash travels 20% slower.

Cursed Blade

+ The crafting time of the Cursed Sword is reduced by 15%.

- The Cursed Sword can only be crafted in a match after the monster has already been wounded by the Curse stigma.

Demonic Mark

+ If the monster is caught in the wake of a slash, their aura will now be revealed to all teens for 2 seconds.

- Each time you swing the Cursed Sword, your aura is revealed to the monster for 6 seconds.

Cursed Sword Unlockable Skins

Demon Sword




Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9


Fantasy Sword

Unlocked at level 14


Royal Sword

Unlocked at level 20


Cursed Sword Store Skins