How To Play Characters Weapons Prizes

Craft Time: 27 seconds

Weapon Charge: 20 seconds

Shock Sphere

The Shock Sphere is a shock weapon in VHS.

Wrap yourself in an accelerating energy sphere that delivers a lethal shock on contact with a monster.

While within the sphere, you have the Deafened status and are impervious to the effects of most monster powers.

Requires energizing at 3 Fuse Boxes before use.

Shock Sphere Mods

Boosting Jolt

+ When you complete a charging stage of the Shock Sphere at a Fuse Box, gain a 30% speed boost for 4 seconds.

- The Shock Sphere takes 33% longer to craft.

Aberration Sensor

+ While within the Shock Sphere you will be able to hear the monster's Tension Track.

- The number of Fuse Boxes required to fully charge the Shock Sphere is increased by 1.

Rapid Charging

+ The Shock Sphere requires 1 fewer Fuse Boxes to fully charge.

- The Shock Sphere now takes an additional 1 second to activate when used.

Particle Accelerator

+ The maximum speed of the Shock Sphere is increased by 25%.

- The Shock Sphere now consumes 25% more energy when in use.

Stability Modulator

+ Movement speed while deploying the Shock Sphere is increased by 40%.

- The maximum speed of the active Shock Sphere is reduced by 20%.

Shock Sphere Unlockable Skins





Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9

Plays "Happy Birthday" in flight


Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Shock Sphere Store Skins

Rain Of Terror

? ?

Unknown effect