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List of VHS Weapons

VHS has four categories of weapons, each representing a stigma — successfully wounding the monster with one of each stigma will defeat them.

Only the first weapon of each stigma is initially available to craft. By using any weapon of a particular stigma, you'll gain experience points and eventually unlock later weapons in that stigma category.

Each weapon also has its own experience bar, filled by crafting and using that weapon. Levelling a weapon unlocks new cosmetics (sometimes with new or altered visual and sound effects), as well as modifications which can bring powerful new effects or abilities.

Burn Stigma Weapons

Flamethrower Fire Bomb Solar Flare

Curse Stigma Weapons

Cursed Sword Infernal Eye Enigma

Purify Stigma Weapons

Radiant Cross Holy Slingshot Sacred Staff

Shock Stigma Weapons

Raygun RC Flyer Shock Sphere