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Craft Time: 42 seconds

Summon Lifetime: 25 seconds.

Infernal Eye

The Infernal Eye is a curse weapon in VHS.

A mysterious infernal eye summoned by incantation. Channel it with your mind to seek out and deliver an instant curse to any monster it touches.

The Infernal Eye is strong against:
The Infernal Eye is weak against:

Infernal Eye Mods

Words of Warning

+ If the monster approaches within 15 meters of your body while you are controlling the Infernal Eye you will hear a warning sound.

- The Infernal Eye must be 40% closer to the monster before it will explode.

Stare Down

+ The Infernal Eye consumes 15% less energy while in use.

- The Infernal Eye takes an additional 1 second to summon.


+ When the monster moves out of sight of the Infernal Eye, the monster's aura is revealed to you for the next 1 second.

- The Infernal Eye's movement speed is reduced by 10%.

Don't Blink

+ The Infernal Eye's maximum speed is increased by 8%.

- The Infernal Eye consumes 25% more energy while in use.

Second Sight

+ You may press and hold the Primary Fire button for 2 seconds while controlling the Infernal Eye to consume the weapon and teleport to a random spawn location on the map.

- The Infernal Eye takes 10% longer to craft.

Infernal Eye Unlockable Skins

Devil's Iris




Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9



Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Infernal Eye Store Skins