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Craft Time: 27 seconds

Weapon Charge: 7 seconds

Sacred Staff

The Sacred Staff is a purify weapon in VHS.

A mystical healer's staff that, once fully energized, can stream purifying energy up to 12 meters. Heal other teens to energize the staff.

If all living teens are Healthy, it will start to energize itself.

Sacred Staff Mods

Beacon of Light

+ While the Sacred Staff is not energized your aura is revealed to your Injured allies.

- The crafting time of the Sacred Staff is increased by 15%.

Trial of Suffering

If you finish crafting the Sacred Staff while in a Healthy state, you will be put into the Injured state.

Miraculous Recovery

+ If you lose an energized Sacred Staff by being knocked down, you will recover up to 20% of your base Life based on the energy that was remaining in the weapon.

- The Sacred Staff consumes 20% more energy when firing.

Pure Sacrifice

While you are not at Critical Health and the Sacred Staff is unpowered, it will gain up to 50% of the energy needed, but you will lose 1% of your base Life per second.

This effect will pause while the Sacred Staff is healing a teen.


+ When healing using the Sacred Staff, the healing speed is increased by 20%.

- While healing using the Sacred Staff, your aura is revealed to the monster.

Sacred Staff Unlockable Skins

Light Monger




Unlocked at level 5



Unlocked at level 9



Unlocked at level 14



Unlocked at level 20


Sacred Staff Store Skins